1 on 1 Exclusive with Markel Brown of the Brooklyn Nets


I had the honor and privilege of catching up with Markel Brown of the Brooklyn Nets this past week for an interview. Markel averaged 17.1 points per game at Oklahoma State and he was playing alongside the Boston Celtics Marcus Smart. Markel was drafted 44th pick in the NBA Draft and brings the athleticism and also the passion to drive to the paint with his game. With that being said Markel was one of the most humble players that I have ever encountered and it was amazing to see how mature he was especially just coming from the college game to the league. Markel talked to me about basketball, sneakers and even spoke a little bit about his former teammate Marcus Smart in this exclusive interview with SneakerReporter.com. Markel had a crazy sneaker rotation for the road and even brought out the Flu Game 12’s. Check out the interview below and also look at some of the clips and pics below from Markel Brown #Enjoy

Markel Brown is making a name for himself on and off the court with his sneaker selection. In this picture you can catch Markel with the Grape V’s, Carmine VI’s, Lebron 11 Everglades, and the Flu Game 12’s just to name a few. If this is his sneaker rotation on the road that only means that we will have to do a follow up for him in his house to get the whole collection.

Markel Brown Sneaker Rotation

Markel talked about his dunk that was very controversial and you can now share that moment with Markel as the link is added below…..

Markel was rocking the Jordan 12 Taxi color way for the Orlando Summer League where he averaged 10 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.2 assists over five games in Orlando, shooting 53 percent from the field and making 6 of 16 3-point attempts, while playing a team-high 26.2 minutes per game, as the Nets finished just 1-4 and in last place in the 10-team league. I’m looking forward to seeing him lace up some sick sneakers this season in the NBA and see how far he can take the Nets now that they lost Pierce and Livingston in free agency.

Brooklyn Nets v Indiana Pacers

You can follow Markel Brown on Twitter and Instagram at @IMarkelBrown22



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